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Re: intent to hijack gsasl

Jorge Salamero Sanz <bencer@cauterized.net> writes:

> On Thursday 02 August 2007 21:06:10 Russ Allbery wrote:
>> Simon Josefsson helps maintain Debian packges for several of his other
>> packages (gss, shishi) and may be willing to help.  He's also generally
>> great about staying in touch with the Debian maintainers of his packages
>> and might know more about what's going on.  Have you talked to him about
>> this?  You may want to set up something like what we have with gss and
>> shishi where the Debian packaging is maintained on Savannah and Simon is a
>> listed co-maintainer.
> yes, he knows this hijack and he has suggested me to also take care of 
> libntlm0, maintained by the same missing person than gsasl.

FWIW, I also exchanged many e-mails with the earlier gsasl maintainer,
and he was about to add the NTLM stuff, but after that I never heard
anything again (although I don't recall sending any e-mails myself).

> simon is very helpfull with me, and yes, have him listed as co-maintainer is 
> great idea, we'll talk about that.

I don't care strongly here, I'm satisfied just sending bug reports about
things I miss.  Well, as long as there is someone as responsive as you
are in resolving the issues, of course...

Btw, perhaps we could discuss changing the GSS-API implementation that
gsasl use from libkrb53 to libgss0..  alternatively, providing a new
libgsasl-gss package for this purpose (although that would require
building the source twice).  I would find it very useful to be able to
use Shishi/GSS via GSASL.


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