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perl, shell, size of installed packages (Re: Cleanup before install)

* 31-07-2007, Marc Haber:

> On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 19:09:10 +0000 (UTC), Oleg Verych
>>- adduser is 48k of "unreadable perl mess"
> As former maintainer of adduser, I take offense here. Adduser has
> improved a lot in readability in the last three years.

This is a funny quote i've get from the `bts' command sources.

* Debian Development List.

Seriously, after reading all that shell and apt threads, i wonder if all
that size thing really matters? Install 4G of Vista++ and be stupidly

I thought, it's a good thing to have size concerns in the first place.
It's even matter of taste, not only technical problems with
disks/filesystems speed.

In order.

* adduser is the 48k wrapper around passwd (hope you've read that earlier);
  man page says, low level `user*' command should not be used. WTF? To
  remove or add ordinary user _once_ in first installation, i must carry
  this crap all along? Sorry, guys. I'd better try to fix install scripts
  of cron, mutt, exim-daemon-light, openssh-*. I'm sure nothing extra
  ordinary happens there.

* same song in bash's man page: no clear line between its features and
  Bourne Shell requirements. The long standing bug -- size and speed
  has kind place in that man page. And after all that, everybody write
  `#!/bin/sh' and hope it's a good shell scripting, while it turns to
  a very bash specific script, that will run 2-3 times slower.

* apt-get's man page states, that apt-get is the command line tool and
  is a "back-end". If quoted word there is humor, then remove it or
  leave default behavior as is.

Very disappointing things, that can really be offensive. Because you
think it's good an optimized process of being better and better, but
nope. There are agendas (tiding to GNU bash), laziness (try lightweight
useradd/userdel in once-run branch in install scripts first) and other
non technical problems.

I don't know (yet) all policies on how to package, but one thing i see:

there's no way to supply options to install scripts, so admin/user can
just blindly run installation/upgrade.

Debconf is another sort of design/size issues, i have.
 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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