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Re: Bug#434206: ITP: moe -- powerful text editor for ISO-8859 andASCII character encodings

Antonio Diaz Diaz <ant_diaz@teleline.es> writes:

> When editing configuration files or source code written in ASCII
> many people want something like Moe

Even a humble configuration file can have comments and text strings
with non-ASCII characters; e.g. names of people or organisations.

This is even more true for source code, which frequently have these in
the copyright notices as a simple example.

I don't see how adding an editor to Debian that can't handle at least
the default encoding of the operating system -- UTF-8 -- is in any way
a service to the users.

> , not another buggy and/or bloated editor of multibyte encodings.

If such programs are bloated and/or buggy, this is an entirely
separate issue from whether the program supports UTF-8. Filing bug
reports is always a correct response in such cases.

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