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Re: Bug#433812: ITP: pssh -- Parallel versions of the OpenSSH tools

> > Do we need package descriptions anybody can understand even without
> > knowing anything about the topic or what?  
>         To an extent, yes.  The expectation is that the target audience,
>  which is a typical Debian user installing packages on a machine, should
>  be expected to figure out whether or not the package might be useful

Not speaking about the poor folks who will *translate* those
descriptions and who are not always deep specialists of the package's

I just completed the translation of a few Hamradio packages and, wow,
the hamradio jargon they use is about as intelligible as Sanskrit to
me...:-). It even sometimes takes ages before one can *understand*
that the package deals with hamradio.

So, just like many other people said in this thread, please try
thinking about the user who just comes on a given package description
because (s)he "apt-cache search"ed some random words....:)

Package descriptions are sometimes not considered as important as they

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