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debdelta service back on track

hi all,

about two weeks ago  'debdelta-upgrade' started failing. Unfortunately I
was away with (almost) no Internet access. Today I could finally fix the

The problem was due to a subtle change in zlib1g: in newer versions, the
compressed output has 0x02 instead of 0x00 at the 10th byte (that is in
the header). This change occurred somewhere between version 1.2.3-13 and .
(I am sending a CC to the upstream authors and to the Debian Mantainer,
in case they are not aware of this change).
 Since dpkg-deb uses zlib1g, this changed the .deb files. So a file
reconstructed by "debpatch" would be different with the original in 2

I have added a workaround for that problem in 'debdelta' version 0.21 ,
and I have installed it in the server that prepares deltas for
'debdelta-upgrade' . Now it should work again as expected. (If it does
not, mail me, or send a bug in the BTS).

Note that endusers that only use 'debpatch' and 'debdelta-upgrade' do
not need to upgrade: the workaround is in the delta-ing code.


 --- Info

debdelta is a program suite designed to compute changes between Debian
It contains various utilities, including 'debdelta-upgrade' that can be
used by people with slow access to Internet to speed up their "apt-get
upgrade". The debian package is
More info are available at

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