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Re: Can we require build-arch/indep targets for lenny?

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Can we require build-arch/indep targets for lenny?"):
> Lo?c Minier <lool@dooz.org> writes:
> >  Why not promote these to requirements in a particular policy version
> >  instead?  I fear we will have to list 10 Build-Options in all packages
> >  in a couple of years.

This is a much better idea.

> Currently, policy says that it's recommended (the weakest policy
> directive) to support noopt and nostrip.  My main concern with increasing
> the strength of that directive is that, depending on how demented the
> upstream build system is, it can be difficult to support these options,
> and since neither is used for regular builds in Debian, they're not
> usually tested and aren't necessary for properly functioning packages.

Surely we are planning to support these options in all packages
eventually ?  In a package where it is difficult to separate out the
work for binary-indep, it would be acceptable to say:
   binary-indep: binary
   binary-arch: binary
   binary: build
           some stuff

I'm tempted to suggest _just_ going by the package's Standards-Version.


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