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ITP: unmass -- extract game archive files

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : unmass
   Version         : 0.9
   Upstream Author: Mirex <mirex@centrum.sk>
* URL             : http://mirex.mypage.sk/index.php?selected=1
* License         : GNU GPL
   Description     : Extract game archive files
 This is a tool to extract game archives. It supports the
following archive types: Crismon Land, Baldur's Gate 2,
Civilization 4, Doom (WADs), Dune 2, Etherlords 2,
Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Flashpoint, Knights of Xentar,
Metal Gear Solid (DARs), Moorhuhn 2 and 3, Megaman
Legends, Oni, Operation Flashpoint, Princess Maker 2,
Quake 1, RollCage, Swine, Unreal Tournament umods,
Virtua Fighter bitmaps, MEA exe's, some economy file format.

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