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Bug#432325: RM: gnotepad+ -- RoM; Buggy, Gnome 1 only, no upstream

Package: ftp.debian.org

As maintainer of gnotepad+ (and gnotepad+-help) it is my opinion
they are past the end of their useful life and should be removed from

1) It has some annoying bugs nobody intends to fix (78247, 97764)

2) I severely doubt anybody is using it anymore (it never achieved
   status of good general editor, its main advantage to my eyes was
   fast start-up for throw-away notes (e.g. during a telephone call),
   but machines are faster now... so heavy editors work for that as
   well now... and).

3) No upstream for more than six years.

4) Gnome 1 only, something we want to get rid of in the long run.

5) leafpad looks like a GNOME2-era brainchild.


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