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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

Andreas Tille wrote:
> IMHO the only way to fix this is to provide a transitional
> package that for instance depends from audacious (or other clones),
> provides xmms and conflict with older xmms versions and install a
> symlink to the replacement.

this can and should only be done if there would be a drop in replacement
for xmms available. audacious, bmpx, beeing the most close to xmms, do
have partially different syntax wrt/ command line options.

now, a volunteer could come up and write a little shellscript for
wrapping arround that, but i don't think that someone wants to invest
time into that (if not, just tell me ;).

> I think xmms is to wide spread as that we just could wild guess how
> many users are affected and how they could cope with this.

i think, we can just place an appropriate note into lenny release notes
about the removal of xmms, together with the list of the three most
similar/popular alternatives (audacious, bmpx, and xmms2 that is).


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