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Re: Bug#417118: ntpdate: Start sequence problem for some network setups

[Michael Biebl]
> That's not quite correct. Upstart not only handles the relationship
> between hardware events and services (start ntpdate when network
> interface is available and configured) but also between services and
> services (start hal when dbus is available etc). Upstart handles the
> complete boot process and not only the early boot, as you
> suggest. More info on that will follow.

I did not say it only handled the kernel events or the early boot, I
said it was most useful in the early boot.  The reason I said this is
that the current Debian boot system is slightly broken in the early
boot, because it isn't written to handle a event based kernel.  Later
in the boot the current boot system actually work as designed.

Happy hacking, 
Petter Reinholdtsen

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