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file mounted after debootstrap + udev


I've been using debootstrap to produce my  live linux based on debian
2.6.18 .
At first, my system was built with devfs and everything was fine .
Recently, i moved to udev (i added kernel support + udev package) and
although the live linux works just fine , after the "build process" -
there are mounted files that i cannot remove from my development

If i try to delete my "working directory", i got the following error:

  /bin/rm: cannot remove directory `working_dir/dev/.static/dev':
Device or resource busy

I've found out the following facts:
1. my build process installs an apache server
2. before running the build process , i had NO apache running
3. after running the build process , i an apache process is running
4. if i kill the apache process, umount the file , i can remove the

My questions:
- How come the build process starts an apache ? i thought it should
just install it...
- where should i look for the mount or apache installation scripts ?
  (it's not my scripts...so i have no idea... i'm kinda a newbie in
- am i doing something wrong ? how can i prevent this behaviour ?
- what's the "standard procedure" for building/installing a live
linux   with apache ?


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