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Re: GCC 4.2 transition

On Fri, 29 Jun 2007, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> So my question remains: what's the officially sanctioned,
> nondeprecated way to revert the effects of a versioned message to
> ###-done@b.d.o?

There are three reasonable ways, depending on the effect you want to

1) found foobug fooversion; command to the BTS. If this version is
greater or equal to any other fixed version, or causes all fixed
versions to be removed ('cause they're equal to the found version),
the bug is reopened as well.

2) notfixed foobug fooversion; command to the BTS. You do this if you
only want to remove the fixed version from the list, but do not want
to actually reopen the bug.

3) reopen foobug [fooversion]; command to the BTS. This clears the
fixed list and reopens the bug.

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