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Bug#431141: O: ecawave -- graphical audio file editor

Package: wnpp
Severity: important

I'm orphaning ecawave; it has been accumulating Debian-specific
patches since upstream development decided ecasound to focus away from
graphical interfacing. Other tools (audacity, sweep, etc) already
exist which do much better work. Although I intensively use ecasound
(the CUI counterpart), for GUI works I personally use audacity for
large-file editing, and sweep for small-file editing (those which fit
in memory), and I don't use ecawave GUI very much myself.

I am looking for someone to pick this package up, or remove this
package from Debian.  This package is no longer upstream-maintained,
and requires some upstream work.

Description: graphical audio file editor
 Ecawave is a simple graphical audio file editor. The user-interface is
 based on Qt libraries, while almost all audio functionality is taken
 directly from ecasound libraries. As ecawave is designed for editing
 large audio files, all processing is done direct-to-disk. Simple
 waveform caching is used to speed-up file operations. Ecawave supports
 all audio file formats and effect algorithms provided by ecasound
 libraries. This includes ALSA and OSS soundcard support and common
 file formats like wav, cdr, raw, aiff, mp3, etc.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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