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Problems with closing certain bugs

I appear to be unable to close certain bugs lately, while others work fine.  
One earlier example was #205163, which I was trying to close as it was fixed 
a long time ago.  Then yesterday closing #379237 and #387587 worked, but in 
the same message my attempt to close #378102 was rejected.  With both #205163 
and #378102 I got a bounce message saying that ###-done@bugs.debian.org was 
an "unknown user".

I tried sending a mail to owner@bugs.debian.org about #205163 several days 
ago, which I haven't gotten any response to yet.  Does anybody else have any 
idea what's going on?  Anybody else who's run into this?  Maybe, just a 
random guess, it's not working on bug numbers containing a 0?
Daniel Schepler

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