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Re: Posting to debian-bugs-dist is not allowed

On 6/29/07, List Management <Debian> wrote:


>Is there an easy way to make a chart automatically include new rows as
>they are entered?

>I currently have a spreadsheet with three columns: A, B and C.
>Column A contains dates ( i.e. the period, ex: June 2005)
>Column B and C contains figures for the period.
><!I made a post FS/FT A? recently and when I finished it the message said
>your post will take 3-10 hours to appear. Not more than 5 minutes
>later I received a E-mail reply to the post. I could not view my post
>until 5.5 hours later at 12:30 in the morning. I replied back to the
>E-mail and asked him how he seen the post so quickly. He said he just
>seen it come up and that the post time delay may have something to do
>with my ISP! I sent a question to Google groups support but their
>reply was they were very busy and it may take some time to respond! I
>checked their FAQ's to no avail. My ISP is a cable company DSL hi
>speed line.

>Can anyone shed some light on this. Is there anything the member can
>do differently to see these posts as soon as they are released. If it
>is the ISP what do you tell them to do differently? Is there a better
>URL or IP address to access??

>Appreciate any replies,

>When I copy and paste printed text to news group post, the line breaks from the original publication are retained and result in
>something like:
>POSTED 8:54 a.m. EST; UPDATED 9:21 a.m. EST, March 5, 2007


>Bell was acquired by the Lions last week as part of the Dre' Bly deal.  As we've reported, both Bell and former Broncos tackle
>George Foster are candidates to be traded again.

>We're also told that the Packers contacted the Bears about the availability of running back Thomas Jones, but the Bears said that he
>is not available.  It remains to be seen whether the Bears would be willing to trade him to a team other than their intra-division
></style><img src="" href="http://www.img9.org/uploads/a341b77b81a2e9e9f484e5bb312783c0.jpg">http://www.img9.org/uploads/a341b77b81a2e9e9f484e5bb312783c0.jpg">

>I think it might have something to do with

>Tools/Options/Send/News Sending Format

>Can the off the automatic word wrap be disabled?
>I've heard that there's another Two-Wheeled Tuesday somewhere
>west of the city.  Anyone been there or know of any others in the

>I've seen a different version of the Macross Plus LDs called
>Macross Plus International Edition. I asked somebody about
>them and my friend said they're supposed to be something
>similar to the Pioneer LDs, english on the digital track, japanese
>on the analog, and closed captioning. Can somebody please
>confirm this? (so I can go out and buy these LDs right now :)

>Wilson Verardi

>I'm selling on eBay (link below) a brand new condition copy of the "jp
>airline-fleets international edition 96/97". This is the most
>comprehensive guide to the airline fleets of all countries. Includes
>info on complete fleets, types of aircraft, numbers, registration
>numbers, etc. A very impressive book.


What the hell is this?

Ben Goodger

B.F. Goodger, Age 16½
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