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Re: Use of "Breaks" dependencies

Loïc Minier writes ("Use of "Breaks" dependencies"):
>  It's my understanding that dpkg now supports the "Breaks" dependencies,
>  and I also recall there was some discussion around last minute fixes
>  before etch to support Breaks, but what's the final status: are we
>  allowed to use Breaks in packages for unstable/lenny?

As well as what Raphael Hertzog said, there are some other
difficulties.  The biggest one of these is that _etch_'s apt doesn't
understand Breaks.  This means that upgrades from etch to lenny won't
work properly if lenny is full of Breaks.

I think it's a bug that we try to do upgrades from release A to B
using A's packaging tools.

Other possible hurdles include that lenny's apt may not have the
relevant patch applied yet (I haven't checked) but that at least is
easy to fix, and that aptitude and dselect need work too.


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