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Is Elie Rosenblum (fnord@d.o) MIA?


I'm trying to find Elie Rosenblum - He is currently listed as the
maintainer for six packages in main and one in non-free [1], and has
not had an upload since Sarge. mia-query says his last upload was in
2004-07. In 2006-12-12 there was a mail where he offered to orphan his
packages (or so I understand from mia-query's output), which was not
carried out.

I just hijacked libnetaddr-ip-perl, for which a member of the pkg-perl
team has been working on to bring it up to date. He has four other
Perl modules packaged (libc-scan-perl, libdata-flow-perl,
libnet-smtp-server-perl, libquota-perl), as well as procmail-lib.

Elie: Of course, before continuing, do you consider coming back? Do
you mind what I'm doing? I'm of course not trying to push you away,
but to push Debian's quality up :)

So... Is anybody interested in the packages right now? If nobody steps
forward, the pkg-perl group can take the Perl modules - but it's
always better if they are taken by somebody who actually uses them.

Now, regarding his 'album' package in non-free: popcon reports 261
users - Not too much, but not too little :) If it is not taken, it
should probably be removed.

I'm right now filing O: bugs on all the packages. If nobody picks them
up, I'll close them when importing into the pkg-perl group.


[1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=fnord&comaint=yes

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