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Re: Can we require build-arch/indep targets for lenny?

Ian Jackson wrote:
> While we are at it we should write a specification for Build-Options,
> something like:
>   The Build-Options field appears (only) in the first stanza in
>   debian/control.  It gives a whitespace-separated list of options.
>   The meanings of these options is defined in policy.
>   Any package processing tool may act only on options which it
>   recognises.  Unknown tokens must be ignored.
>   Currently only the following token is defined:
>   * build-arch
>     Declares that the package supports all of the following
>     build targets: `build-indep', `build-arch', `binary-indep',
>     `binary-arch'.

Funny, I'd forgotten this was ever proposed before, and was planning to
propose adding a Build-Options field for entirely other, though fully
compatible reasons. Which suggests that the name and format are well

I think it would also be useful to include 'nostrip' and 'noopt' in the
Build-Options field, as a way to indicate that the package implements
those DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. I also have some Evil Plans for other things
that can go in Build-Options, but they're not ready yet and would be OT
in this thread.

see shy jo

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