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Re: Proposed new release goal: Dependency/file list predictability

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 01:49:25AM +0200, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:

> as it's stable.) The idea is to build a package both in a pbuilder and in
> a really filled chroot -- it currently contains 18GB of packages, which is
> most of the "devel" and "libdevel" sections. What is compared is:

This is exciting!

Another evil idea that come to my mind is running piuparts preinstalling
all packages that a package conflicts on, or replaces.

This topic also triggers a continuous thought that I had since the RMLL
conference in France, that is to use EDOS' computed "SAT temperature" of
packages[1] to make testing even nastier.

  [1] SAT temperature: I'm not able to explain it precisely, but it's a
      number that ends up being proportional to how complex is the
      dependency tree of a package.

Ideas that come to my mind are:

 - testing in piuparts *couples* of packages, both with high SAT
 - during testing, solving dependencies so that when a package depends
   on A | B | C, the package with the highest SAT temperature is pulled
 - test/audit the dependencies of high-SAT-temperature packages more
 - compute a "delicateness" index of a package by summing the SAT
   temperature of all packages that depend on it, and then give special
   attention to the most "delicate" packages to see RC bugs, maintainer
   activity and so on.  I'm working on creating a sample data, but I'll
   be away for the week-end.



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