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Re: Folding@Home Package

Alle venerdì 22 giugno 2007, Zachary Palmer ha scritto:
> Hello, all.  It has been my understanding that the reason that the
> Folding@Home distributed computing software has not been made a Debian
> package is that the license under which it is released does not allow it
> to be free.

No, it's that the license does not allow it to be re-distributed:

> Distribution of this software is prohibited. It may only be obtained by
> downloading from Stanford's web site (http://folding.stanford.edu and pages
> linked therein). 

while often other pieces of software that allow to be distributed (and thereon 
packaged) do enter the non-free section.

> This software package has pretty much the best reason for 
> being closed source that I've encountered; they want to prevent
> falsified results from damaging the research.

Anyway this might likely not be enough for their purpose. :-( Am I wrong, 

BTW, I would encourage them to (co-)maintain an unofficial Debian package with 
that software inside.

> And will people use it if I bother?

Less than 0.02% seems to have kfolding installed [1]. But I think a lot more 
people have (and run) the Folding@Home client, and even more would do if such 
a package were provided.

> Thanks!

Thank you.

[1] source: http://popcon.debian.org/

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