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transition of packages into testing


    I am trying to figure out why texmacs has not entered into testing. I
visited http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=texmacs but there I
was not able to find any useful information. All it says is

* trying to update texmacs from 1:1.0.6-11 to 1: (candidate is 31
days old)
* texmacs is not yet built on hppa: 1: vs 1: (missing 1
binary: texmacs)
* texmacs is not yet built on ia64: 1:1.0.6-11 vs 1: (missing 1
binary: texmacs) 

Since candidate is 31 (> 10)days old, it should be fine to enter testing.
Right? Can someone please explain?

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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