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lintian.debian.org updated to lintian 1.23.31

After one false start (I thought it was hung, but there was a quadratic
search in one of the checks that's now been fixed), lintian.debian.org
output has been updated to lintian 1.23.31.  This should eliminate quite a
few false positives.

It's a bit behind the current archives at the moment since it just
finished a complete run, and the statistics about change in counts are
bogus (since they were against an aborted run), but that should clear up
after the next daily run.

I was surprised at this new statistic:

Overridden tags: 	10724

That's a lot of overrides.  I know that a fair number of those are for
library package naming and related issues, but that's still a *lot* of
overrides.  If you have any overrides in your package that you think
represent a bug (even a wishlist bug) in lintian, please do file that bug.
You should not have to add an override unless the long description for
that lintian tag specifically says to override the tag if the described
circumstances don't apply to your package.

Also, a general reminder: If you have any overrides, periodically run
lintian --show-overrides and see if they're actually being used.  A lot of
false positives have been fixed over the years.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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