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Re: Release Team Meeting results (the Juelich Edition)

* Bill Allombert (Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr) [070616 15:43]:
> I understand the wish of a short freeze, but QA need to happen on the
> packages we ship, not with the package that happened to be in the
> archive at the time QA occured. That is why we are Debian after all.

Nobody wants to promote to not doing QA with the final packages. All
that we want to do is to do the same kind of QA also to earlier versions
of the packages to avoid noticing the issues to late.

> Let say I propose as a release goal that no packages will prompt for
> config files changes during upgrade unless the users manually changed
> the config files themselves. Would you accept it ? We do have the
> capability to report all such issues. Do we have the capability to fix
> them ?

How many issues do we have? How would the check be that we don't
reintroduce such issues later? (I'm not considering the capability
the important question now, that's one of the advantages of release


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