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Re: Two proposals for a better Lenny (testing related).

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:20:17 -0300, Gustavo Franco <stratus@debian.org> said: 

> 1) The 'remove experimental' proposal

> * Warn developers and contributors[0]
> * Remove experimental
> * Switch unstable (release) for not automatic updates

        This is one of the worst proposals I have seen.
  Removing experimental means that there is no place to pout in packages
  which are "probably broken, but really interested persons should
  please test".  There would be no way of distinguishing those from "new
  packages, ought to be OK, please test" stuff.

        Prevent auto up0dating, means that, along with the above change,
 unstable becomes too annoying to run.

        With people no longer running unstable, bugs do not get
 caught. Instead, bugs propogate to testing.

        So, effectively, you have removed testing (and relabled unstable
 as testing).

        With no real bug triage before testing, we are back to the old
 release dilemma: the distribution we release from has lots of bugg
 packages.  Welcome back to 1/2 year long freezes.

        Why one earth would w3e want to regress to the days before

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