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Re: Upgrade of the pam library?

Laurent Bigonville <l.bigonville@edpnet.be> writes:

> As a maintainer of a pam module (pam-keyring), I would like to know if
> there is any plan to upgrade the version of the libpam in lenny.
> The current version is antique (0.79 vs 0.99) and doesn't have some
> features as syslog logging...

Just FYI, a few weeks ago I merged and re-diffed all of the Debian
patches for 0.79 against the latest upstream PAM,  You can
find the source package here:


However, there's at least one bug in there that's preventing it
working properly.  It's likely there has been a trivial error when
hand-merging all of the old patches.  It's also possible that they
need more work to work with the new PAM; I've re-done the patches
where needed, but it's possible that the internals have changed
sufficiently that it's broken.

Unfortunately, I'm too busy right at the moment to spend enough time
on debugging it and/or re-verifying all of the new diffs.  If you, or
anyone else, has any free time and wants to push the latest PAM into
unstable, this is something that could use some attention.  If you're
bored at DebConf, this could be the thing for you!

The easiest way to get started is to compile a debugging version of
libpam and install it.  NOTE: Install into a chroot or you will
knacker your main system (you won't get to log in again!).


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