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Re: aptitude removals (was Re: APT 0.7 for sid)

Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   Bug #299009 is AFAIK about the fact that aptitude produces different
> dependency resolutions from the visual UI versus the command-line.  This
> is because the command-line has more context about what the user is
> doing and tweaks the resolver accordingly. 

Would you elaborate on that, please? I don't get why the command line has
more context. In your response to that bug report you said: 

> At the command-line, aptitude knows that its job 
> is to perform a certain set of actions and preferably as few others as 
> possible (for instance, "aptitude install X Y Z" should install packages 
> X, Y, and Z). 
> In visual mode, in contrast, the interaction between the user and the 
> program is a lot more open-ended, and it's a lot trickier to figure out 
> exactly what the user wants (in fact, I'm not sure it's even possible in 
> principle).

I fail to see the difference between "aptitude install X Y Z" and going into
the visual mode and then marking X Y Z for installation. Where is the extra


  Felipe Sateler

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