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Re: Using standardized SI prefixes

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> The question is not whether to use powers of 2 or 10 (different software
> use both), but rather to use the good prefixes depending on that
> choice. 

It sounds like you've surveyed a lot of software in Debian and found
some that uses 2 and some 10 for data storage measurement[1]. What's the
breakdown look like between the two? The only software I know of that
uses powers of 10 is partman (which I'm pretty sure d-i has a bug report
about somewhere). But I have not surveyed the other software, aside from
a few things like ls that I use day-to-day and know use powers of 2. I
had generally assumed that most programmers were reaonsable and used
powers of 2, but this thread is certianly changing my mind about *that*.

see shy jo

[1] Bandwidth measurement is, as noted in this thread, a general
    absolute mess and PITA.

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