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Re: Bug#428198: ITP: gabedit -- graphical interface to Ab Initio packages

Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Gabedit is a graphical user interface to computational chemistry
> packages, like:
>  - Gaussian
>  - Molcas
>  - Molpro
>  - MPQC
>  - Q-Chem

Maybe the fact that MPQC is the only one which is free and already in Debian 
(so that this package will go in the main section) could be worth some 
highlighting (e.g. "Gabedit is a graphical user interface to MPQC and to 
following proprietary/commercial software: [...]", maybe also append "like 
MPQC" to the short description and make it "Recommends:" the latter). After 
all, Debian is about software freedom. :-)

Luca Brivio

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