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Re: discussion with the FSF: GPLv3, GFDL, Nexenta

On Mon, 04 Jun 2007, Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:
> If I'm in the Netherlands and distribute
> CDDL software to a Belgian citizen while violating the CDDL, the
> copyright holder has to come to the Netherlands, choice-of-venue
> (mostly) notwithstanding.

From the summary:

   If the parties, one or more of whom is domiciled in the Community,
   have concluded a choice of jurisdiction clause * , the agreed court
   will have jurisdiction. The Regulation lays down a number of
   formalities that must be observed in such choice of jurisdiction
   agreements: the agreement must be in writing, or in a form which
   accords with practices which the parties have established between
   themselves or, in international trade or commerce, in a form which
   accords with a usage of which the parties are aware.

 * "Choice of jurisdiction" is a general principle of private
 international law under which the parties to a contract are free to
 designate a court to rule on any disputes even though that court
 might not have had jurisdiction on the basis of the factors
 objectively connecting the contract with a particular place.

Don Armstrong
Dropping non-free would set us back at least, what, 300 packages? It'd
take MONTHS to make up the difference, and meanwhile Debian users will
be fleeing to SLACKWARE.

And what about SHAREHOLDER VALUE? 
 -- Matt Zimmerman in <gYuD3D.A.ayC.nGB39@murphy>

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