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Re: Bug#427297: ITP: sturmbahnfahrer -- simulated obstacle course for automobiles

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Dear Charles,

Am So den  3. Jun 2007 um  9:00 schrieb Charles Plessy:
> I have very bad feelings when I read the name of this game. It is a very
> bad taste play on the word "sturmbahnführer", which is a rank which was
> only awarded in the SS divisions when Germany was ruled by the nazis. If

I am from Germany and it never comes to my mind to use this synonym
before you wrote this. And also after I red this mail, there is fare
many different between "sturmbahnDführer" and "sturmbahnfahrer".

Sorry but if you try to deny this name you have to deny many other to.
Just a few examples:
- - "dd" (could be read SS, only two letters away)
- - "Gruppenführer" or short "Führer" (A term often used in german youth
  groups without any relate to the nazi)
- - "chmod 666 ..." (Some christians complain about the 666 as it would be
  the number of the devil)
- - ...

So please calm down and come back to the reality and do not try to see
nazis in all thinks in the world. Yes, there are still nazi in the world
and they have to be fighten.

> you google with "sturmbahnfahrer", you will not find any page which is

Do you really believe in google forever? But, I tried the search too and
got around 21900 hits.

> not related to the game: this word does not exist in German.

Many names of games are such called "Kunstworte" because otherwise the
could be suited. (Bad times today that you always have to fear about
getting suited. :-(

   Klaus Ethgen
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