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Touching a file in another package


there is a problem with the GnomeVFS GStreamer plugin. When a new
GnomeVFS module (providing new URI methods) is installed, GStreamer
doesn't become aware of it because its own list doesn't change. See
#426694 for details. Because the GStreamer registry is per-user, it
isn't possible to regenerate it in the postinst (that's a known issue in

Despite its ugliness, the only proposed solution that works so far is to
touch the libgstgnomevfs.so file in libgnomevfs2-extra's postinst (and
the same for other packages providing GnomeVFS methods), so that its
timestamp changes.

The policy doesn't forbid this, but I don't like the idea of changing
another package's file, even if it is only for the timestamp. Does
anyone know of something that would actually be broken by such a
behavior, or do you think it would it be OK as a temporary workaround?

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