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Re: Bug#427248: ITP: promethee -- a productive numeric working space

"lambda (sbrice)" <briceceb@club-internet.fr> writes:

>   Description     : A productive numeric working space
> promethee is an all-inclusive education project (called numeric
> working space) which support school managing and 

What is a numeric working space?  You don't say, and the URL that
you pointed to doesn't make it obvious to me.

> is exclusively built with free software (need apache2
> mysql-server-4.1 apache2-doc libapache2-mod-php4 php4-mysql
> php4-gd php4-cli phpmyadmin dependencies)

This seems redundant.  There's a Dependencies field in the
packaging system for listing dependencies.  There's no need to
mention that a program in Debian is free software and built only
with free software--that's the only kind of program we accept
"doe not call up Any that you can not put downe."
--H. P. Lovecraft

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