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Converting an svn-buildpackage repository to git


I'm thinking of converting a subversion repository I use for one of my
debian packages to git (preferably with all history intact). The
repository was created by svn-buildpackage, so it has a structure like


I've tried using git-svn to import this, specifying the "-T trunk -t
tags -b branches" options, which mostly seems to work. However, the
upstream branch that I end up with in git has a "current" directory
and a directory for each upstream version. I also get a branch for
"trunk@2", which has an unmodified upstream in it (even though it is
rev 3 where this is copied to the trunk).

Using git-svnimport is slightly worse, though I do get a single master
(trunk) branch, and branches for upstream and mybranch (and even
tags). However, each branch has most of the expected files, alongside
a "current" directory and a directory for each upstream version. In
addition, upstream files that I have not modified are not in their
proper place, but are instead only found in the "current" and upstream
version subdirectories.

I think it's clear these programs aren't working properly with the
upstream subdirectories in branches, so how can I get a better result?
Is there some way to tell the git programs to look in subdirectories
for branches? Or, do I need to modify my subversion repository so
upstream is a single branch, with the different versions being tags
instead (and why doesn't svn-buildpackage use this form)?

Any help you can offer is appreciated,

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