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Re: undo configuration file changes

On 5/31/07, Pascal.Speck@t-systems.com <Pascal.Speck@t-systems.com> wrote:


In the Moment i'm packaging some software and wonder if there is a
possibility to handle files such as crontab or configuration files of other
programs to add a directive with postinst but also to remove that directive
with prerm. Is there a predefined possibility for that or do I have to
implement this in a script?

Check out /etc/cron.d for setting up cron jobs for your package.  I
suppose other applications that could support such "pluggable"
configurations have similar support.  For example, apache2 lets you
put stuff into /etc/apache2/conf.d, xinetd lets you put stuff in
/etc/xinet.d, and so on.

You should look into that.


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