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Purging of unneeded localization (cleaL10n)


If somebody is interested, here is a complete rewrite of `localepurge'
with small `dpkg-deb' implementation to have this done before
unpacking archive on the file system.

Reading docs in `localepurge's directory dated six years back, i fail
to explain to myself, why this is in so horrible state? It seems, more
power was spent to develop ever worthless deb config files, rather
than tool itself.

Anyway, as in the end of the /usr/share/doc/localepurge/README.debian,
here's an one try to solve l10n problems in the "great package
management system". As per TODO.Debian, if anybody knows better
optimization steps and techniques i've proposed, please let me know.


-o--=O`C  info emacs : something
 #oo'L O  info make  : not found
<___=E M  man gcc    : not found

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