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Re: Bug#320283: ITA: re2c

[ The subject should have read "ITA", not "ITO". ]

Duncan Findlay wrote:
> Whoops, looks like I missed that dependency on re2c >= 0.10.0 for
> spamassassin, but I think it's working fine with 0.9.x. (At least, I
> haven't found a problem with it.)

That's fortunate; I guess spamassassin upstream developed their support
against re2c 0.10, which I believe was the previous stable release
before 0.12.  According to the upstream re2c changelog, there's been a
lot of activity since 0.9.12.

> I'd be happy to co-maintain the package if you would like a
> co-maintainer. (Though I'm not going to have much time for Debian in
> the next couple of weeks.)

Thanks, but I think I can handle a single binary package like re2c just
fine.  As a devoted spamassassin user, spamassassin compatibility is my
top priority for re2c.

BTW, are you planning to fix the sa-update cron spam issue (#425962)
soon?  :)

Robert Edmonds

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