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removing 'printtool' from archives


I am the mantainer of 'printtool'

brief history:
 printtool was the GUI tool that Red Hat had developed for easy printer
configurations ; it was then ~2000 adopted by the GNULpr project at
http://lpr.sourceforge.net/ ; but, after the doc-com crisis, the project
was eventually abandoned.

Currently I mantain some code that came out of  lpr.sf.net , and keep it
alive: in particular, I use and appreciate 'gpr' , and I have developed
the code (lately I added support for CUPS).

But I think that 'printtool' has outlived its usefullness: its database
of printers (that is actually contained in the package
'printfilters-ppd', for some strange reason) is outdated; and Debian
ships many tools to configure printing (foomatic-gui ,
gnome-cups-manager , just to name two) , that work well and have
up-to-date printer databases.

If nobody is interested in 'printtool', I will ask for its removal from


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