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Re: Uploading wxWidgets 2.8 to experimental ?


I already built wx2.8 from ubuntu on my debian lenny for testing purpose. It build and works fine, I have been able to get latest filezilla running without any issues. I would be really happy if you could upload it to unstable, then I'll help fixing bugs if I can and can help you to keep it synced with the ubuntu package.

Charles Plessy a écrit :
Le Sat, May 26, 2007 at 03:44:56AM +0930, Ron a écrit :
offer any proof that we can transition to this release
without major breakage in an important application.

Dear Ron,

I am member of a team which is Maintainer: of a package using wxWidgets.
I would be happy to test it against an experimental version of wx2.8, in
order to report problems to Upstream.

But I am not comfortable enough with library packaging to produce
private packages.

If the people who depend on wxWidgets would agree to use 2.8 packages
just for tests and to not upload uncoordinated upgrades to unstable,
would you agree to publish 2.8 packages? Alternatively, would it be OK
if a DD would upload Ubuntu's packages to experimental?

Have a nice day,

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