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Bug#412940: I have etch, but I can't reproduce, the page downloads right away

tags 412940 unreproducible

eddy@bounty ~ $ wget -d http://www.ureg.ohio-state.edu/ourweb/online.html
DEBUG output created by Wget 1.10.2 on linux-gnu.

--22:00:04--  http://www.ureg.ohio-state.edu/ourweb/online.html
           => `online.html'
Rezolvare www.ureg.ohio-state.edu...
Caching www.ureg.ohio-state.edu =>
Connecting to www.ureg.ohio-state.edu||:80... conectat.
Created socket 3.
Releasing 0x0000000000560aa0 (new refcount 1).

---request begin---
GET /ourweb/online.html HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: Wget/1.10.2
Accept: */*
Host: www.ureg.ohio-state.edu
Connection: Keep-Alive

---request end---
Cerere HTTP trimisă, se aşteaptă răspuns...
---response begin---
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 18506
Content-Type: text/html
Last-Modified: Thu, 17 May 2007 21:09:10 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
ETag: "9f56529dc798c71:9a306"
Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 19:00:05 GMT
Connection: keep-alive

---response end---
200 OK
Registered socket 3 for persistent reuse.
Dimensiune: 18.506 (18K) [text/html]

100%[==============================================================================>] 18.506        --.--K/s

22:00:08 (623.76 KB/s) - `online.html' saved [18506/18506]
eddy@bounty ~ $ cat /etc/debian_version

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