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Re: Fixing up SELinux reference policy for Debian

On Mon, 21 May 2007 20:05:54 +1000, Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> said: 

>> localStrict.te included below).  I can compile my packages, and run

> Does localStrict.te really provide a benefit?

        It quells any AVC messages; and some of them were quite
 prolific. This way, any new messages are not lost in a flood of known

        For me, personally, it allows me to stage in changes in policy,
 and play around with apol, before deciding whether or not to move any
 changes into Debian's refpolicy.

> Now further changes: It's probably best to permit getattr access when
> read access is permitted, I omitted this in the
> fs_allow_tmpfs_file_read patch I sent you.

> I'll send other patches soon.


        I have now run my UML machine for four days with no
 activity, to capture any default cron jobs  that might run into
 problems with strict policy. I did it over the weekend, to capture
 anything special over Saturday and Sunday; and there have been no
 activity in the logs. So at least a minimal build machine at rest is
 now fine with strict policy.

        I think we might be able to move closer to having grub options
 available for users in lenny -- for example, excerpts from my
 grub menu.lst are:

# kopt=root=/dev/hda6 ro vga=791 splash=silent
# alternative=true
# defoptions=selinux=0 audit=0
# altoptions=(recovery mode) selnux=0 audit=0 single
# altoptions=(SELinux) selinux=1 audit=1

        With this, booting into SELinux can be as simple as selecting
 the proper boot image.

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