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Re: tool to turn redundant files into symlinks

On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 07:42:56PM -0600, Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> For a package problem I'm trying to solve (#414422), it would be nice to 
> have a tool that could find duplicate files (ala fslint[1] or fdupes[2]) 
> and turn them into symlinks.

If hardlinks are okay too, see the "perforate" package (I find this
package hard to find, since the name is somewhat misleading). It's
written in Perl.

$ dlocate /usr/bin/finddup
perforate: /usr/bin/finddup

$ whatis finddup
finddup (1)          - Find identical files and do something with them

$ finddup --help
    finddup [options...]

         --man              the manpage
     -h, --help             a short help
         --version          the version (CVS) of the program
     -n, --noaction         do just nothing, just print out (implies -v)
     -v, --verbose          just what the name says
     -q, --quiet            be quiet
     -l, --link             link the identical files together
     -o, --oldresult        Use the old output of this script
     -i, --ignore-perms     Don't check that file owner and permissions match
     -d, --dir              Define the dir to check (you may specify more than one)

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