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Re: Reasons for recommends and suggests

On Fri, 18 May 2007, Kevin Mark wrote:
> As I mentioned, I dont think this information should be in every
> package and probably would be useful for more desktop-users than
> developers. I'd only suggest creating the infrastructure (presumably so
> that it doesn't break anything in dpkg and would only be shown in
> aptitude and synaptic) and then allow either the maintainer to add it or
> allow users to contribute to it.

It would probably be enough then to just have it available in
README.Debian and modify the p.d.o changelogs script to also extract
README.Debian when it exists; allowing aptitude/synaptic et al. to
show README.Debian like changelogs are shown now.

This would allow explanations of appropriate length about the packages
which are Recommends: and Suggests: (or anything else that people ask
about) as well as any additional information that users may want to
know about before installing.

Plus, you'd have the advantage of being able to do this now instead of
trying to jam more information into the control file which doesn't
strictly need to be there.

Don Armstrong

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