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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

 > I install regulary NEW kernels where Debian had only 2.4.27 I used
2.4.32/33 and thats NOT the same as pushing a NEW Xorg into stable.

The Kernels can be installed without any problems parallel, and if
one is not working, you boot the last working one.

Yes, I have written it there too. Kernel is, IMO, the best thing to upgrade few times during release cycle, with quite little risk.

Right and upgrading fro, xfree86 to xorg had pushed 280 new packages on
my test system and every new package can contain potential new bugs.

Yes, Debian was the last distro using Xfree86 I know. Of course the transition was complex!

You forger that DOWNGRADING is officialy NOT SUPPORTED by Debian.

That should be changed anyway, since security upgrades occasionally break things too.


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