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UTF-8 encoding of changelog files

I am currently trying to find a valid UTF8 encoded text file to check my
terminal settings and such to make sure I have it working right.  So to
do this I figured I would just find some changelog file that claims to
be in UTF8 format and see if it views correctly.  Well so far no luck.
Every single one I have looked at that claims to be in UTF8 format in
accordance with policy 3.6.0 and higher, appear to contain no UTF8
characters, but do contain illegal characters by UTF8 rules, and look
exactly like one of the older western european encodings instead.

So should changelog files for debian packages be UTF8 and if so are
there any that actually are and does lintian have a simple check to
ensure no illegal characters are in the file as per UTF8 rules?  Should
be pretty simple to check after all.  Sure looks like a lot of files are
wrong unless my understanding of UTF-8 is broken (which I must admit is
possible, although I have managed to view a UTF-8 file successfully now,
while none of the weird charecters in the changelog files I looked at so
far are considered printable characters with the same setup).

Len Sorensen

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