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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Stable too stable?

Le Tue, May 15, 2007 at 05:50:50PM -0400, Greg Folkert a écrit :
> > f, Usability problems, wishes and bugs should get fixed too. I should
> > be able to report a problem, participate on it's solution and see
> > fruits of that.
> Have you even looked at Debian's BTS? Unless your patch or bug is a
> security related problem, it won't make it into "Stable". "Stable" is in
> maintenance mode. Not in "New features or versions or additions or
> design improvements" mode. That would be "testing".

Hi all,

I think that Peter really makes a point there. Since the release of
Etch, I am using it at work, and I am running in usabiilty bugs.  Since
they do not open the possibility for somebody else to take control of my
machine, will they never be fixed?

Definitely, a good backporting strategy could be very helpful to users,
but I think that Debian needs something else in addition. For the
moment, users of stable must rely on linear "webforum-style" information
written in english in the BTS to find workarounds, or be lucky that
somebody on a user mailing list shares their experience.

Since the BTS understands versions, maybe providing an easy display of
the bugs which are still open in Stable could help users to have a good
overview. In line with this, official message (for instance a summary)
from the maintainers could be displayed (and translated ?) on top of the
bug. Maybe at each point release, the release notes could be updated on
the basis of these messages. Things like "emacs21 does not have full
unicode support, but you can display chinese characters if you install
the mule-ucs package." for instance. (I wasted hours, because I thought
that packages with no full unicode support would at least have an open
bug on this issue since it is a past release goal...).

Have a nice day,


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