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Call for tests: webcalendar 1.1.2-1

I just released webcalendar 1.1.2 to experimental.  Although this version is
considered to be a development version by the upstream author (1.0.5 is the
recommended "production" release), it is good to have the 1.1.* branch in
experimental, such that upgrade problems are detected before Webcalendar 1.2
comes out.

The trickiest aspect of the package is indeed related to the upgrade of the
SQL database via dbconfig-common.  I have tested 1.0.5 -> 1.1.2 migration
using Apache an MySQL and the major problems seem to be fixed. However,
there should be corner cases where the upgrade would fail.

Hence the present Call for Tests.  If you are a WebCalendar 1.0.* user, I
would like to hear about your upgrading experiences.  Also, tests results
regarding PostgreSQL and SQLite are welcome.  If you use another HTTP server
than Apache or if you have webcalendar embedded into postnuke or joomla, I
would like to know about your eventual problems.

Note that the upgrade from 0.9.* should also be tested, but 0.9.45-4sarge7
was released in the pre-dbconfig-common era, so I am not sure whether we
should also support automatic upgrade from that version.


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