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Re: Debian base system package list

hi carlos,

On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 22:33 -0700, Carlos Ramirez wrote:
> Is a file, webpage or command that can provide a list of packages that 
> are part of the Debian base system? I tried searching in various places 
> without much luck. Any help in the right direct is appreciated.

the easiest way:

apt-get install grep-dctrl

and then do something like:

grep-aptavail -F Essential yes -o -F Priority required -s Package


grep-aptavail -F Essential yes -o -F Priority required -o \
   -F Priority standard -s Package

depending on what it is exactly that you want (the fine manpage has more
info).  if you want all the packages part of a basic debian
installation, the second one is probably closer.

alternatively, you could run the installer, not select any software, and
then run "dpkg -l" from the cmdline :)


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