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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

Seg, 2007-05-14 às 17:03 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escreveu:
> Interesting analysis, with several good points on keeping the stable
> release working with newer hardware and keeping the software selection
> relevant.  But my first impression after reading your long text is
> that you are ignoring the work going on at backports.org, and the
> ideas that has been floating around on making a Debian release based
> on the stable version for the "base" packages, and include upgraded
> packages like the kernel, X, Gnome, KDE and other hardware- and
> user-interacting packages from backports.org.  You might want to have
> a look into those ideas.

One good point would be to include tested backports into stable release
I don't mean base backports, but mainly user interfaces and so on.

i'll give one simple example:
 - with network-manager-gnome, every time i connect to a radius network
i have to put username, password and certificate. A newer version now
saves this info.

do i have to spend 2 years (at least) doing so to have a debian stable

> I've also seen ideas on making releases based on testing, now that we
> have security fixes for the packages in testing.  It could give a
> snapshot of internally consistent packages (as opposed to unstable). 

There are people that use testing. In my work computer i only upgrade
from stable to testing more or less at 3/4 of stable's release cycle.

i don't think this is a way out ... maybe a better one is the one stated

best regards

Luis Matos

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