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Re: Getting Debian to use less power?

On Mon, 14 May 2007, Daniel Baumann wrote:

Don't you think that if you would have waited a few days, or maybe even
fill an RFP, that someone other would have stepped up to maintain it? If
you've already created a package, attaching an URL to the RFP helps also.

I personally realised that RFPs are not really likely to trigger a speedy
reaction - rather the contrary.  So I think Petter did the right thing to
move something foreward and perhaps filing a RFH / RFA or even O bug
afterwards would be what he intended to express in its mail to d-d.  I
never read anywhere that you have to keep a package for a certain time
before you file an RFA bug even if it is unusual to do this just after
closing the ITP.

Kind regards



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