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Re: nobse@debian.org, formorer@debian.org

Alexander Wirt schrieb am Samstag, den 12. Mai 2007:

> Manoj Srivastava schrieb am Samstag, den 12. Mai 2007:
> Hi Manoj, 
> >         I would like to backport SELinux related packages to Etch, and
> >  thus would like to get my key into the backports key ring.What do I
> >  need to do to enable that?
> Use the website, 
> use the mailinglist. 
> But why do you use -devel? Backports.org has nothing to do with debian-devel. 
> And maybe it would be usefull to have one of us, or even both in CC.
> I added your key. 
I missed something: 
please subscribe to our users mailinglist:



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